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Hand-painted with care, this candle will make you feel right at home. Made with soy wax that is free from harsh chemicals, our candles offer a cleaner, safer burn than traditional paraffin candles.


Not only does this candle have the aroma of caramelized pralines, but it's also a visual feast for the eyes. Perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for the living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Infuse your space with the warm, buttery scent of freshly made pralines.


Ideal as a gift for family and friends or for yourself, this hand-painted soy candle will take your senses on a journey that's as sweet as caramelized pralines. Get yours today and indulge in a heavenly, guilt-free scent!

Caramelized Praline Soy Candle

SKU: 0033
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